Just try

I needed to see this today! Was getting bored of writing terrible things. And I know if you don’t try it will never become good (that was good English!). I just need to keep trying!

How long has it been since I blinked

Since the world went dark and my thoughts were silenced

Since I felt pain

Or sorrow

Or hate


How long has it been since I heard bird chirping

Watched as squirrels spiralled up tree trunks in their choreographed chases


When did the leaves turn brown?

How long have you been talking to me?

I only just noticed

You’re words turn to dust before reaching my ears

You may have been righting all the wrongs in this world but I was too distracted by the flashes of light as we drive beneath street lamps


Well that went well

So as you can see I already missed a day *rolls eyes*. I will become a more organised writer!

“No, no, no, no, NO!” Henna swiped her finger across the screen, flicking through photos of ‘single men in her area’. “Too much hair, eyes are too blue, he clearly spends too much time on his eyebrows!”

She rolled her eyes. This is hopeless. She’s never going to find a decent guy this way. She took a sip of her drink and stared out the window into the dreary street outside. She sighed deeply and drew her knees up to her chin. A familiar tune drifted down the hallway as her flatmate waltzed into the room. Henna had met Pearl about a year ago and they had moved into their tiny London flat shortly after. Pearl never had trouble with guys. With her slim physique, waist length blonde hair and beautiful voice it was easy to see why.

“Hey cutie,” Pearl said. “Whatcha doing?”

“Just swiping left continuously,” Henna replied drearily.

“You need to swipe right every now and again. Give them a chance.”

“Are you kidding?” Henna jumped up from the sofa and opened her phone again. “Have you seen the guys I’m up against.”

She began swiping through photos.

“Look at this guy. His eyebrows meet in the middle. And this one, look how tarnished his scales are!” Henna’s pearlescent wings quivered.

“Oh come on Hen, they can’t all be that bad.” Pearl said.

“They can. This guy reckons he’s a wood elf. Not a chance, those ears have got high elf written all over them. I could go into this thinking I’m meeting a really down-to-earth guy and he turns out the be a snooty know-it-all!”

Pearl shook her head and smiled. “Then you need to get out and meet someone. There are loads of great guys out there. I meet at least 5 a day.”

“Yes Pearl, but you just need to bat your eyelids and shimmer your tail fin and they flock to you.”

“That’s not strictly true! If I want them to flock I have to do a fair amount of singing.”

Monday writingspiration

So, every Monday I plan to put up three writing prompts to inspire and unblock writers’ block!

1. Every grey hair represents someone whose life you have or will change in some way. Write the story of 14 year old whose hair turns completely grey overnight.

2. “The problem is,” Death said, “you weren’t supposed to live this long and my diary is fully booked for the next 100 years.”

3. Write the story of a blind girl who can see through other people’s eyes when she touches them.

Day 4

So it’s another day of uninspiration so I’m going to start writing about where the sea takes your worries!

She stared out across the ocean and watched the waves crash and roll across the horizon. Stripes of white cut across the surface and the water tripped and fell over itself in it’s rush to the shore. She took a deep breath. Cold, salty air filled her lungs and she felt lighter. She clutched the doctor’s test results in her balmy hand. ‘Inconclusive’ the letter told her. ‘Further tests are required to rule out infection’. She shuddered slightly and looked down at the letter again. This isn’t how it was supposed to happen. It was a routine check-up, until they found the lump. She looked back out at the ocean and imagined lying on her back in the cold water and staring up at a starry sky. She took a long breath again and stepped into the water. As the waves rolled past her legs she felt calmer and more in control then she had over the past few weeks.

Twenty miles out to sea a new shipment was arriving. A huge wave crashed against the island and left hundreds of tiny glass vials scatted on the beach. Ralph pulled the boxes behind him with a long rope. He picked up four vials and pulled out the slips of paper. He put two in the blue box, one in the red and the other in the yellow. He picked up another vial and pulled out the note. ‘The test results are inconclusive. What if the lump of malignant? How will I tell Charlie? What will I do?’

Day 3

So, today I spent the day on the beach and it was beautiful. My writing today will be a collection of thoughts and ideas I had whilst there. This is something that has often been recommended to break writer’s block.

1. The beach is a different place every time the tide comes in and out.

2. Pieces of the beach are scattered all over by people taking rocks and shells home.

3. I wonder if the people on the cargo ships can see the beach huts.

4. Imagine if the sea actually had the ability to wash away your worries. Where would they take them? What would happen to them? Would they end up on an island, like a dump island for people’s worries and a caretaker has to clear them away or file them. Or perhaps it’s a scavenger who harvests them illegally. (This is going in my ‘stories to write’ notebook!)

I guess it does break writer’s block. Happy writing 😊

Day 2

So I was correct. Yesterday’s writing was abysmal! Today I’m going to try to get the start of a new story I’ve been trying to write for a while.

Syca ran through the field faster than he had before. His bare feet thrummed on the barren ground and his heart raced so fast he could feel it beating at the tips of all four of his pointed ears. The corn had grown tall this year and towered above him like the mighty trees that he lived in. He had never been put this far and wasn’t really sure where he was, or even if he was running in the right direction, but he had to find the elders. He had heard rumours that they lived in these woods but they hadn’t been seen for centuries. A small mouse track appeared in the corn and he switched direction to follow it. This was sure to lead to an exit. He just hoped it was the right one. As he broke through the corn and weaved his way between the wild border that surrounded the field he began calling.

“Help! Somebody please help us! “

Day 1

So, I have approximately zero inspiration today. I’ve been out for a walk, I’ve listened to music, I’ve read a book and I’ve done a lot of people watching.

My first thoughts: “great, I’m going to fail my write every day challenge on day one”

Then I saw this quote and realised, you know what, that’s what I have to do.

Writing isn’t a spark in the moment where a best selling novel springs out of the air. It’s hard, gruelling and completely magical work.

So here is my probably awful attempt at a hard, gruelling and magical piece of writing.

She stared into her wardrobe at all her favourite clothes that she had slowly started to hate. The black top she was wearing the first time she had a date with Tom. Now it just made the fat under her arms bulge out. The cute white dress with the yellow daisies on it that she got in the sale for such a bargain. Hmm, that one showed to much leg and her thighs didn’t look as slimline as they used to. The nice blouse that was tight around her neck. No matter what she wore she either looked like a ream of bubble wrap set to burst or a shapeless mass covered in a sheet. She looked down at her feet, or at least where she assumed her feet were. She hadn’t be able to see them in the last few months. This isn’t how she imagined it. Who knew that such a beautiful thing as having a baby could change your body so much.

I’m Back!

So life has got in the way of blogging a lot recently. I have graduated university, bought a house and been in three different jobs since then but I’m finally at a place where I want to really focus on my writing!

I’ll admit, I haven’t really written as much as I wanted to and despite telling people that I’m a writer I don’t really feel like on at the moment. I’m setting myself the challenge to write every day – and actually do it. So if I make it public I can be held accountable!

Writingspiration will now be my writing dump where I will post a snippet of writing, writing prompts, inspiration and also the books that I’m reading. I hope whoever finds my little blog will enjoy it.